Dreumex Industrial Cleaning Products

The Power Cleaner range consists of very powerful products of outstanding quality. The products are highly effective, with an outstanding cleaning ability.
The Power Cleaners are specially tailored for every cleaning need in the automotive sector, construction, industry, transport and printing.

Dreumex Eco Cleaner:

Dreumex Eco Cleaner is a heavy duty Degreaser/Cleaner, environmentally friendly, phophate free, Solvent free, 100% biodegradable.
Dreumex Eco Cleaner has been awarded the Eu Eco label.

Dreumex Car Shampoo:

Dreumex Car Shampoo has been specially developed for cleaning cars. It is a neutral, paint-conditioning and extremely user-friendly car shampoo that does not affect paint, protective wax and rubber. The shine-enhancing effect ensures a gleaming result without streaks. Dreumex Car Shampoo can be used for cleaning by hand or with a high-pressure hose, in combination with a brush.
The product can also be used in car washes.

Dreumex Truck Cleaner:

Dreumex Truck Cleaner has been specially developed for cleaning trucks. It is a strong detergent that soaks off and removes road dirt from trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and delivery vans. The product contains ingredients that prevent corrosion. Dreumex Truck Cleaner can be applied with a high-pressure hose (at low pressure) and rinsed off a few minutes later with clean water. For best results, clean from bottom to top.

The Kings Tyre Fitting Lube:

A Quality tyre fitting Gel, with anticorrosion additives
Ideal for fitting car, truck and machinery tyres.