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Clean hands, for every situation If you work, your hands can get dirty – that’s a simple fact that you encounter every day. Aggressive substances and soilings like oil, grease, paint and ink can penetrate deep into your skin during work. Cleaning your hands with a proper industrial soap will help you to avoid skin irritation and all of its unpleasant side effects.

Solvent Free Hand Cleaners

The use of a hand cleaner is also seen world-wide as the most important measure to prevent hand infections. This is why a high-quality industrial hand soap is essential in settings where hands encounter heavy soiling.

Dreumex offers a wide range of top-quality industrial soap and related products for every application. These industrial hand cleaner solutions include industrial hand soap, gel or paste with micrograins. Our products come in various package sizes, including easy-to-use industrial soap dispenser units for many of our industrial hand soap varieties.

Dreumex Plus:

Dreumex Plus is an ideal hand cleaning solution for Mechanics, Printers, Painters, Diesel Fitters, Engineers, Construction Industry, Mining Industry, Metal industry & Truck Drivers.

Ideal for cleansing heavy soiled hands, the citrus Gel along micro poly scrubbers is a strong cleaner removing the toughestof grease and grime with ease leaving a scent of citrus.

Dreumex Plus is also loaded with friendly skin repair additives to prevent damage to the skin, Dermo tested and approved. Dreumex Plus uses micro poly beads as the scrubbing agent so as not to block drains as some sand and grit can do.

Ideal for removing mechanics grease, Printers ink, Tar, Resins, Rubber, Oils and Fats.

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Dreumex Special:

Dreumex Special is a hand cleaner suitable for mechanics, Diesel Fitters, Engineers, Concrete workers, Construction Industry, Tyre fitters, Mining Industry, Metal industry & Truck Drivers

A solvent free white paste with micro poly scrubbers, Dreumex Special is added to wet hands is a tough degreaser easily removing mechanical oils and greases, Diesel, Brake fluid, Cement, and engineering grime, leaving your hands feeling repaired even from the first wash.

Dreumex Special is loaded with skin repair additives and keeps your hands in great shape, Ideal for the tough cracked hands, Dermo tested and approved..
Dreumex Special uses micro poly beads as the scrubbing agent so as not to block drains as some sand and grit can do.

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Wash & Care:

Wash & Care is ideal for panel beaters, radiator works, concreters, mechanics, engineers, Mining Industry or every day general hand cleaning.

A Heavy duty hand cleaner combined with a moisturiser and vitamins and using crushed natural walnut as the scrubber, easily removing heavy industrial soilings while at the same time reconditioning the skin, leaving the hands smooth and supple.

A separate moisturizer is not required. Solvent free, 100% biodegradable dermo tested and approved ideal for those with troubled skin or for those that know to care a little extra.

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Dreumex Expert:

Dreumex Expert is the ideal hand cleanser for panel beaters, spray painters, general building painters, radiator works, fiberglass repairers, windscreen fitters, printers, upholstery Shops & the mining industry.

Hi-tech professional hand cleanser with poly micrograins for extreme specialist soilings, such as paints, inks, adhesives, lacquers and sealants. Based on dibasic esters for removal of the toughest dirt's that occur in body repair shops, construction, printing and painting industries.

Dreumex Expert is skin friendly micrograins for extra cleaning power. Vitamins B5, E for a healthy & supple skin.

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