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Tyre Lube The King B Tyre Fitting Gel

The Kings B-Lube is a tyre fitting gel, giving fantastic results when fitting car or truck tyres.

Tyre fitters have great praise for our product, listed below is just a few remarks coming back from our purchasers:

  • “It’s a great tyre lube for our truck tyres, not only for easy fitment but a good seal every time.” 
  • “It is thick enough to lube several tyres at once with out evaporating, which is a problem the thinner lubes have.” 
  • “We can’t believe how long the product lasts, we only need to use a small amout.”

The Kings B-Lube is a water based gel with rust inhibitors added to preserve metals, trials to check the effect on metals is an ongoing business for quality control. Trials of The Kings B-Lube in contact with bare metals has been a great success, showing no blistering staining or rust formation.

The Kings B-Lube is available in 15L buckets or  a 5Litre bucket.

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Why aren’t you using The kings B-Lube? 

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