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hand cleaner for mechanics

Solvent Free Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Mechanics and Engineers have been cleaning grease and oils from their hands it seems for ever, not really wanting to know what the active ingredient is, just as long as it removes the crud from the hands. 

In times gone by no one cared about the asbestos dust from the clutch or brake parts that we were inhaling and today is no different with the hidden chemicals we are using on our skin. Hand cleaners are no different they have been around for years slowly progressing to where we now have access to solvent free and biodegradable products with skin protection products added for the benefit of healthy hands.

We must remember our hands are the most important tools we have!!

Druemex Solvent Free Hand Cleaners

Dreumex Hand cleaners have been researching and developing hand cleaners for over 50 years and now have a range of biodegradable and solvent free products that not only clean as well as some of the solvent cleaners but care for the hands while washing. Different personalities and skin types require different hand cleaners whether it be the smell during washing or the feeling left after washing or just the way the way the cleaner works it has been noted that the best hand cleaner for one person does not even rate for another due to some of these properties. 

DMX Australia

At DMX Australia we carry 8 different Dreumex hand cleaners. These products are suited to workshop situations especially mechanical and engineering workshops and may be just what you need for keeping your staff happy and working.

Hand Cleaning Solutions for your Workshop

The days of grabbing a handful or using a stick to drag out a serving of hand wash is limited due to all business now being accountable for consumable costs.

 Dreumex has many dispensers for supplying just the right amount of hand wash required whether it be the drum pump, the wall mounted replaceable bladder that comes with a new pump every time or the wall mounted touch free dispenser Dreumex has shown great innovation toward this area.

Druemex  Hand Cleaners tested for Dermatitis Issues

Dreumex has had four of their hand cleaners tested for Dermatitis issues and received a pass on all four with a certificate of approval available from our web site. This has been a major benefit for large employers as it is not required to carry many different types of hand wash for different types of skin.

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